December 12, 2018

Police, Civil Defence demand N317m to feed dogs, horses ?

Are they feeding dragons and dinosaurs? If they need this huge amount to feed just dogs and horses what would be used for the welfare of the citizens of this country. If this huge amount would be wasted on just animals in the name of security, then the voting system should be changed. People should be allowed to vote online or through text messages from the comfort of their homes. The 317million should be put to better use. Mr. Fredrick Ikepba Engineer Police Sniffer-dogs How many dogs and horses do they have to patrol the 36states of Nigeria? That is the first thing I would want to know and I don’t see police with dogs in Nigeria. In fact, I have never seen a police officer with a dog in my entire life in this country. The organisations I see with dogs are private security companies.As for horses, it is the military I see on them and it is only during ceremonies like independence day celerbration and swearing in. For me, this is just crazy but the government would still provide the money. Miss Chukwuma Priscilla Businesswoman I want to believe that this is a joke. Nigerians are starving and they want to feed dogs with millions of naira. If they invested it in jobs and wellbeing of the country, it would be better. We wouldn’t need animals for the election. The country is in a lot of problems currently. More than five families are killed daily and we want to invest more than 300million on just dogs and horses. Miss Oluchi Asinobi, Student The proposal is nothing but another way to loot our national treasury. After all, the security agencies have their annual budgets which are expected to sort out their expenses every year. Therefore, anything outside that will be considered fraudulent and Nigerians should stand against such. Comrade Wolimoh Olajide Warehouse worker It is disheartening that security personnel who are expected to be protecting our lives and property are coming up with ideas that could lead to corrupt practices. N317million is too much to feed ordinary dogs and horses. Currently, many Nigerians find it difficult to survive because of the failure of this administration. Our people are living in abject poverty and they are talking about how to feed dogs and horses. Mr. Giwa Omotola Political Scientist I am sure that politicians don’t consider this amount outrageous. They always believe that there is enough money to steal. That was what encouraged the security personnel to request N317 million for the feeding of animals. There are so many problems in this society that can be fixed with that amount. I know that the dogs can be fed with a small amount of money. Miss Praise Ogundipe Businesswoman

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