I was inspired by God to run for Nigeria, says US-based Ibadin

Ibadin Nigeria’s lone 800m runner Edose Ibadin said he has developed a thick skin for all the rough and tough situations in the camp of Team Nigeria athletes. Ibadin who signed up to represent Nigeria in 2017, made the final of the men’s 800m at the African Athletics Championships, but he was not able to produce a podium performance in a strong field of Kenya and Botswana athletes. However, the athlete who holds the national record at 1.45.69 said he was happy competing with the best in the world, an opportunity he didn’t have in the USA. “God led me to take decision to run for Nigeria. For men it is a major plus running against Kenyan and Botswana athletes. This opportunity was not just for me in the USA. “I have heard all the stuff about Nigeria. But every country has its ups and downs. So I have taken the country for what it is. It is a little bit disturbing there aren’t many 800m runners in Nigeria, but championships like these are an opportunity to discover runners for Nigeria.”

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