Police arrest Zesco employee who has been having regular sex with a mental patient in Ndola.


Edwin Sakala was arrested in the week when neighbours found out he has been inviting a well known mental patient in Masala Ndola.

Police released Sakala from police cells yesterday.

Edwin took advantage of the mental patient identified as Cecilia Mwape ,by having sex with her.

Cecilia underwent medical examinations and the medical report is out.

After tests were conducted it was discovered that Cecilia was two months pregnant but she tested negative on STI’s and others.

The families sat down and agreed that Edwin should be released from police cells and marry Cecilia since she is expecting .

As of yesterday Cecilia’s family demanded damage compensation and marriage with immediate effect. For damages he was told to pay K 10000 whilst marriage was to be negotiated.
Surprisingly, today Edwin’s family has summoned Cecilia’s family to discuss the marriage.
In their argument, Edwin’s family is opposing the marriage predicament, they are claiming that Edwin has a fiancée who is at Ndola Schools of nursing and midwifery, the fiancée is also pregnant.
They are claiming that Edwin who works for Zesco, will continue taking care of Cecilia until she gives birth and after giving birth with everything needed, but he can’t marry her.

The two families have ended today’s meeting without reaching an agreement. Cecilia deserves to be married to the man who has impregnated her.

However, Cecilia spent yesterday’s night in Edwin’s house and she is still in Edwin’s house.


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