How education alleviates down syndrome children – Dr. Scollard


IN marking the World Down Syndrome Day, Anthos House, Greensprings School authorities, teachers and parents celebrated with the children living with down syndrome.

It was a common sight during the celebration held at Anthos House, Lekki, as participants wore colourful sucks to explain better the down syndrome.

Speaking during the occasion, The Director, Greensprings School, Mrs Lai Koiki said it would be difficult to minimise people with down syndrome in the society, adding that down syndrome is got to do with the genes. She said,’It is a chromosome disorder and really it’s something that nobody is responsible for.’

She urged the society living with people with down syndrome to show love by identifying with them and never lock them up. On her part, the Head of School, Anthos House, Lekki, Dr. Kimberley Scollard said to ensure that this kind of people are not neglected in the society, people need education to understand that the down syndrome society is a foundation all over the world.

Explaining the significant of sucks wearing to mark the World Down Syndrome Day, Dr Scollard said sucks wearing are being use globally to convey the message. She said: ‘’You can wear identical sucks, you could wear different sucks, you can wear them inside you can wear them backward, you can wear them on your hands but at the end of the day, they are sucks. The same goes to children. We have a lot of children who are the same, look the same, act the same, children come in different shape and sizes, children comes with ability and disability but at the end of the day they are all children.

In celebrating the World Down Syndrome Day, Mrs Dupe Ojo mother of Omobolanle Eri-ife Oluwa Ojo born with down syndrome said: ‘’Omobolanle was born on the 25th of June 2004 on a Friday at about 11.55 PM. Weight 2.2 kg but dropped to 1.6 within 3days of her birth.

She was born like every child but she didn’t grow like every child. I knew something was wrong with her within 3days of giving birth to her but what it was, I didn’t know. But at 8months I was so sure all was not well with her.

She never sucked the natural milk, didn’t sit until she was 8months with lots of support because she was literally boneless. I mean you can fold her into two. She started crawling at almost two and didn’t walk until almost three, so she could not start school.

Thank God for my husband because he wasn’t seeing what I was seeing. He kept saying nothing is wrong with her.

Oh! Yes! She is beautifully and wonderfully made. She is my God given princess. Being the only girl in the family.

But she wasn’t just growing. Long story cut short as soon as she started walking I took her to school and when she eventually started, it was at her own pace.

She is so pleasant, kind, caring and courteous. Bless God who made that out of her.

She also had a challenge with her sight. She was always raising her head up before she could see a cup that is right on the floor. She couldn’t control her neck.

Talking was also a challenge for her, words would not just come out of her cute mouth even when she tried hard!

When she finally began to talk, it was not clear. I will say, En? “Say it again” this was to encourage her and God encouraged me too.

I was fervent in prayer and anointed her regularly. I trusted God for a change in her life believing that God will improve her in her physique, health and mental.

God has been faithful, Eri-ifeoluwa is an exceptional child…perfectly made! Uniquely created and a testimony.

Today she is a testimony I use to encourage every mother who birth such an exceptional child.

One day my husband’s uncle invited me to his house at Omole phase one with Bolanle. When we got there, he took us to his next door neighbour who has a challenged child. I instantly became a motivational speaker. I encountered the woman to celebrate her child Oluwamayowa. Meaning God has brought me joy, to enrol him in school and always give glory to God for having him. Thank God Mayowa is doing great now.

Here we are today Bolanle is not doing so badly, she is doing all thing through Christ who strengthens her.

She can do a lot of things by herself now. She can read and write. She can see with the aid of her glasses. When she talks now, I ponder at her words with laughter. She is well mannered.’’


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