December 10, 2018


Stop thinking about People who hurt you

Stop remembering the good memories. Don’t think about the times they made you laugh, but remember the times they broke you and made you cry. Count the number of sleepless […]

Ever wondered why she stopped calling?

She stopped calling because she got tired of your games. She doesn’t want to play these games anymore. She outgrew trying to fight for a role in your movie. She […]

How to make your girlfriend feel special

1. Even if you aren’t the greatest cook, dimming the lights and firing up a few candles while eating makes it such a romantic setting. Seriously, even if it’s just […]

22 Reasons he wasn’t the right Guy for you

1. If you’re honest with yourself, you made huge leaps and bounds to justify your attraction to him — both his physical looks and his personality. 2. He hated everything […]

His love is real if he do this

I have been through my fair share of relationships. I have thought I was in love, been treated like crap, and for some strange reason put up with it. I […]

Men who marry this type of women lives Long

Have you seen this kind of woman? She’s the kind that sheds her own balmy light into every room she walks in. Turning heads, while skillfully engaging into vivid, sparkling […]